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They even coated my spoiler! Super-convenient for the people using your site.

He said Ceramic Pro does not protect against scratches or water spots. LeFou was also the only one of the villagers to directly learn from Gaston the specific details of his plan involving locking Maurice in the asylum to force Belle into marrying him.

Car Detailing Gilroy - But I haven't had the time and it was killing me seeing my truck so filthy. However, when he sold me the service he said that the ceramic pro is scratch proof and will protect from water spots.

Well that got our intention. What are we doing wrong. The message explained: Your current drop down menu for country locations is not very Asia friendly - all those listed at the top of the list are in North America, Europe + Japan. My most frequent country selections are Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, etc. But that got lufo thinking. Sure, browsers try and give you the ability to type some letters to find things faster in lufo menu, but they fail at anything but rudimentary searches. Long menus with many options can be a pain. When someone revisits a page with that same long menu, their most-recently selected options will be copied to the top of the list for their convenience. No bias on your part. Super-convenient for the people using your site. Options Unless otherwise noted, all option examples below are Lufo defaults. List Divider Lufo will place a disabled at the end of the most-recently selected options list to use as a divider. Recently Selected List Memory By default, Lufo will remember the 5 most-recently selected items in a menu. Conditionally Enabling Lufo A list must have at least 5 items in it to enable the tracking lufo display of recently selected items. This is lufo useful for dynamic lists in an app that may need to grow over time before it becomes useful to track recent selects. Ignoring Certain Values Lufo will track clicks on all available in a. The default cookie age is 30 days. You may change it by setting cookieAge to another positive integer to represent a number of days. Only enable Lufo if the list grows to 10 items. Lufo show 3 of the most recently selected items. Ignore a value of none. Finally, turn off the divider, shorten the recent list lufo, and move the recent selects into an. License Credit A ton of thanks to doing the lufo majority of the work putting this together.

In the winter the rain bubbles up and rolls off when you drive it. I cannot give enough stars to Lufos. When Gaston enacts his plan to blackmail Belle into marriage with help from , the owner of the local madhouse, LeFou is tasked with standing guard outside Belle's home until Belle and her father, , return. The highest temperature recorded in history, 39. It also feels good having that feeling knowing that your investment is protected and you don't have to worry as much as you do with an uncoated car. He has been dropped, hit in the head with the barrel of a gun and with Gaston's fist, had his head wedged in a number of objects including a tuba , grabbed by the throat twice, squashed underneath a chair or bench, thrown into a muddy pond and a pile of snow, and has still shown loyalty to Gaston.